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Training Program Testimonials

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a gem Shenandoah Bar M has in Katie Dove. I originally found Katie when I was looking for a trainer to start my two year old filly. I don't know if it was pure luck or Devine intervention, but I stumbled upon the Bar M website. I had been searching for more than just a "cowboy" to break my filly. Rather, I wanted someone who was a true horseman that would take the time, had the knowledge, and posess the skills to put a really good foundation on my filly. After watching a few training videos of Katie on the website, I gave her a call and brought my filly to her the next month.  

I must tell you, the job she did on this filly is nothing short of spectacular! Katie started the horse correctly from the beginning, spending the necessary amount of time and patience in building the horse's confidence and teaching proper manners, along with the basic training that is necessary to obtain a properly finished horse. Fast forward a few years and my mare is now an AQHA World Show Qualifier and I am showing her at AQHA Select World! 

I could go on forever about how happy I am to have found your top notch training facility and especially trainer Katie Dove, but will sum it up by saying thank you to Katie and all the staff at the Bar M Ranch!"

Cathy Ball
Sonora, Texas

"Katie is a very honest, hard working, and talented young trainer.  She is passionate about getting it done RIGHT.  This may not be the fast path, but you can rest assured that it is the best for the long term.  She is patient and works at the level of training and ability of your horse and your ability as a rider.  Her clinics are very interesting and informative.  She is well versed in all aspects of stock horse disciplines.

Success speaks for itself.  Katie trained and showed my mare to an AQHA Superior in Senior Ranch Riding and is now training her for Working Cow Horse classes.  She had two horses in the Jr. Ranch Riding Finals at the 2015 AQHA World Show and has 5 horses qualified for the 2016 World Show!

Thanks, Katie, for all your help.  I am looking forward to a successful show season.  Oklahoma City, here we come!!!"

Opal Smith
San Angelo, TX

"As owner of Pandolfo Performance Horses/Pandolfo Ranches and having been involved in the horse industry for over 30 years, ranging from buying ranch/ rope horse prospects and having them started by professional horse trainers to breeding producing, and utilizing my own genetic profile of proven horses…. I have experienced a multitude of people who claim to be professionals in the training and developing phase of the horse industry.

I have come to realize that there are 3 kinds of humans who “hang up a shingle”  claiming to be horse trainers:

1.       Individuals who have no actual knowledge or moral value in regards to training horses  They just need some kind of income and do what they will to convey the transfer of money from your pocket to theirs, regardless of delivery of quality of service.

2.       Individuals who do in fact know something about training horses, but they try to make each horse fit in their “Box” of what they think the horse should be.  In this situation, much grievous and inhumane treatment is rendered onto these horses that are in, so called,“ training”.  In the end, the individual doing the training also is looking forward to the transfer of money from your pocket to theirs.  This has proven to be a disastrous combination for the horse that does not fit in the “Box”, as well as the owner of the horse, who gets nothing for his/her investment.  This, generally, drives them away from having anymore interest in the horse industry.

3.       Individuals who have a different basic idea about horse training.  These individuals place the needs of the horse before their own.  They try as best as they can to identify, at a very early stage, just what the mental and physical capability of the individual horse in training is.  There is no specific pattern or “Box”  in this perspective of training, just an honest attempt to deliver the service of which they were asked to deliver.  The end result of this technique of training is a sometimes a dismayed customer, and a happy customer  These are all issues that are the purpose of the entire endeavor…it’s called “Discovery”.  At the same time, the individual horse is treated well and given every opportunity to excel at what ever level they are capable of, be it a knot headed feedlot horse or a World Show contender.

In my experience (which has been vast) all the way from hauling one horse or 10 to be trained and developed and as an owner of my own  training and fitting/marketing facility in the SW of the United States, employing a number of “trainers/development specialists,  I have found that Katie Dove exhibits and practices more knowledge and over all capability than any other individual that I have encountered and engaged the services of.  Her integrity is without question, and her effort and honest intention of providing satisfactory service in the development of horses is second to none that I have experienced.  .

In short, if more who hung out  a “shingle”  as horse trainers, were like Katie Dove and the Shenandoah Bar M Team, the horse industry, in general, would be in a better place in all regards."

Dan Pandolfo/Pandolfo Ranches
Estevan, Saskatchewan 

"In early 2013, I began searching all over the Midland/Odessa area for Western Riding Lessons. My search seemed futile with numerous bad phone numbers, unreturned phone calls, and demeaning conversations. Shenandoah Bar M Ranch's website certainly peaked my interest and after a brief conversation with trainer, Katie Dove, I felt a visit was warranted. The facilities were well maintained and clean. It was very evident that all horses on-site, whether boarded or owned, were well cared for by the staff. The condition of the facility and animals ranked highest on my priority list. Shenandoah Bar M Ranch and Katie Dove exemplified equine professionalism and true compassion for their services.

"After 30+ years since being in the saddle as a teenager, my own fears and lack of confidence were a true obstacle for me. Katie coaches in a way that is both patient and yet offers challenges for me in each and every lesson. She has helped me to address my own issues and has given me hope and a desire to ahieve more in my horsemanship skills. Katie answers all of my questions, no matter how silly, with knowledgeable and helpful answers. 

I wish I had known of the services offered by Katie Dove and Shenandoah Bar M Ranch much earlier. I own a young gelding that I had already made all the arrangements to have broken/trained with a very prestigious "TV" trainer. Although, the training that he received elsewhere was good, Katie is currently working with him to move him to the next level. He is certainly a horse with attitude, but Katie has handled him easily and professionally. I sincerely look forward to the partnership between horse and rider that Katie Dove has been most helpful in developing."

Hope Adams
Midland, TX